Ergonomic slices

Want to create a chair that is ergonomically adopting the shape of you spine and that is comfortable? It is possible to create your own chair only within a few steps so easily!

The following chair is designed with the program Sketchchair which consists of layers and slices. The program allows you to draw the outline of the shape that you want, and for me it was important to create an ergonomic chair that feels comfortable and supports your back.

For this reason, the back rest assimilates the spine and you don’t have to worry about pain while sitting wrong for a long time. It fits into any home or work environment space.

The design consists of five layers having the designed basic shape and furthermore, of nine slices to stabilize the chair.




sheet – scale  1:4; cardboard 0,5cm

Sketchchair allows everybody to design, build and share their own furniture. You can also test your design’s stability and decide how many layers/slices your chair should have.

Once you’ve made an outline, you can still work on the shape to improve it and make it more homogeneous – or make straight lines instead. You can also adopt criteria  concerning your material that you work with: you can decide on the scale for making models and on the material thickness. Then you’ll get a PDF document as a template and that’s it!

The biggest advantage is that it is easy to understand so that almost everybody is able to use it! There are not many approaches to work with and you get a referance due to the proportions you make.

But as the program is made for designing simple elements, it gets difficult to achieve a result that needs a further variety of options – it is an intuitive program (freehand drawings make it hard to get good results).  Additionally, the program itself sometimes does not respond correctly on certain occasions or it is not possible to open it.

As a conclusion, one can say that Sketchchair is a useful tool, used for simple models and it is a good way to build a chair quickly – just keep it simple! Maybe it’s not a program to design high-quality furniture, but still you have the possibility to sketch and to try new ideas.




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