About the program:
I think, the program is appropriate to sketching a simple idea. Its name refers to this, don’t hope much. Though the userinterface is realy easy, the program has some mistakes: for example it is hard to working accurately with it, however you must. If you aren’t precise, the program don’t allow you to using further oportunities and don’t put the elements over the printsize. If you want to design a chair, don’t use this program, because you don’t have enough freedom.

SKETCHCHAIR is good to see the proportions between your chair and the man: if the testfigure sit on the chair, get down his legs or is the chair too short? Setting the figure is not allways simple, but it can be entertaining. If it is problem with the chair’s size, you can change the hole size or the width quickly.

I would like to design a simple chair from one line conture. Because it isn’t a closed profile, therefore the chair has a little flexibility.modell.jpg

Kitti Baranyai




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