Organic Skyscraper

A case is the inspiration to create a design for an organic skyscraper.
First, it is necessary to take pictures from every perspective: top, middle, bottom.
The texture is ideal for the scanning process when it is not glossy or reflecting – it is very important because otherwise it is likely that some problems will occur when creating the 3D model. And also make sure that you are in a static environment with adequate light conditions because the programm needs some orientation points from the background to generate the model.

In this case, about 100 pictures were taken and uploaded to this program:

ReMake is necessary to modify your scanned object and to edit the surface.
You can make it smoother and close wholes if there are some.





After editing the model you can export it as an .obj file and import it to this program:

123D Make is actually a program for making templates for the result!
Here, you can decide, how you want your model to be built – with stacked slices, radial slices, interlocked or curved.

You can edit measurements of the model (size) and also the material!
For this example, we choose to have a model that is 20cm high and made out of 5mm cardboard.

After finishing your Design you can get a PDF file for printing or an DXF file when using a laser cutter. TIPP: It is easier to make a PDF and edit it in Adobe Illustrator for connecting the lines or changing the size of the numbers.




After cutting out all the pieces you can finally build your model.





cardboard: 5mm; model: 20cm high; radial slices


So all in all what you need:

  • photos for generating the model
  • REMAKE for improving your object
  • 123D MAKE to get the appearnace you want + templates


It is a great way to generate a model and having the opportunity to use so many different kind of ways to actually produce it. Admittedly, there are a few issues that make it difficult:

First, you have to try several times to get the object  with a quality surface uploaded in REMAKE so you can work with it.
Second, there are problems with 123D MAKE that appear with no reason(!) when you want to import the model – and the program will just close itself.
And third, you still have to edit A LOT after getting your templates because it is a mess with the numbers and letters all over the pieces and you can hardly understand which number belongs to which gap!

By more and more practice it will become easier to work with and it offers a lot of possibilities to build great models!



Project by

Kitti Baranyai and Switlana Gorodetska



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