Organic scarf


In first step we had to search an organic shaped object. It wasn’t defined, what will be the issue exactly, so it’s all the same, whit what do you work. We chosen a scarf, as inspiration, what we tried to form a bit.


In the second step we had shoot the object from from all directions. Only the sharp, well-exposed pictures are usable, so which were a bit darker, we had to adjust the contrast’s values. Whit these pictures is possible to generate a 3D modell.1ikon

When the modell is done, it will be never perfect, so we have to correct the mistaces:
– removing the unnecessary parts;
– smooth the surface (where it is necessary);
– close the generated slits;
– turn to the right position.
If these are done, then it could export the object as an OBJ file.


If it necessary, it possible to transform the object in Rhino. We left out this step now and imported it in 123D immediately.


The program can unfold the modell in several ways to making a real mock-up. We chosen the radial slices as contruction technique and after this modied the slice direction. So it seems as if the object would increase. This is composed of 30 pieces, 5 mm thickness DM board, what was cuted whit laser. In this case the print pages have to saved as a DXF file.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end, it’s not possible to cut the pieces, because the lines on the print pages are separate elements. So those lines have to unite in Rhino, Autocad (these are a bit sticky) or in Illustrator. We needed 4 pieces of 1000×600 mm sheets in the end.

3ikonWe needed a bit toleration at the modell’s building. Fortunatelly the 123D program marks the mount points and writes number there, so we can follow, which piece where is from. It’s important, that we had to build it bottom up, to Y direction and after we can continue around. Our eventual object is now 500x360x350 mm.

4ikonThe inspiration – added funktion
Valencia is really famous for the streetart. It’s not an usually thing, when a historic district has so many murals and graffities. In general a streetartist wants to draw attention to something or left a message. We want to make the same thing with our “sculpture”. Here is a lot of empty places after the destroyed building, what quite deserted and it seems that no one can deal with them. So we ask for ourself: What if we place something here?
So this was our conception at the visualisation, what I made only with Photoshop.photomontage1-copy

created: Switlana Gorodetska and Kitti Baranyai



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